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Deadlines and Distribution – 2018

IssueCustomer DeadlineTo printDistribution start
May 2018Thurs 26th April 18Sat 28th April 18Thurs 3rd May 18
June 2018Weds 23rd May 18Fri 25th May 18Thurs 31st May 18
July 2018Weds 20th June 18Sat 23rd June 18Thurs 28th June 18
August 2018Weds 25th July 18Sat 28th July 18Thurs 2nd August 18
September 2018Weds 22nd August 18Fri 24th August 18Thurs 30th August 18
October 2018Weds 26th Sept 18Sat 29th Sept 18Thurs 4th October 18
November 2018Weds 24th October 18Sat 27th October 18Thurs 1st Nov 18
December 2018Weds 28th Nov 18Sat 31st Nov 18Thurs 6th Dec 18

If you wish to discuss this schedule, you can can Paul on 029 2088378.


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