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Jam-packed with local features, articles, stories and editorial content, it’s an interesting and well-presented read that prides itself on relating to its readers.

With organised and expertly laid-out articles and information placed alongside high-resolution images, you can be assured that your advert won’t be appearing in a scruffy format. Instead it’ll arrive dressed-to-the-nines, spruced up and shiny, and in a handy A5 size – making it a rather stunning little package.

In addition, because the magazine is worth the paper it’s written on, it’ll announce its arrival with a thump, not a flutter. It’s colourful, glossy and full of fantastic content, so you’d better get the red carpet out.

Though it’s important to look smart, the best thing about My Local View is that it’s passionate about all things local. But local doesn’t have to mean small and neither does A5.

This is one powerful little publication, as demonstrated by a constant stream of local articles and our high retention level of business advertisers. I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t get much better than that.