Keeping you in view locally

Why advertise in this magazine?

It’s the easy way to get to the heart of Caerphilly

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The science behind our approach!

Your business message will be delivered to more than 10,750 homes in Caerphilly, every month.

Our colourful magazine in an easy to keep A5 format will be delivered door to door in all weathers – guaranteed! That is the way it has been since April 2006.

By placing just an ad in My Local View Magazine, you’re putting yourself in the right place, in front of the right people.
Even better, you can be sure your ad will last the whole month because local people trust, use and rely upon My Local View.

But you know what they say, the proof’s in the pudding, so put simply:

SUCCESS: Popular with local residents and local businesses who advertise every issue.
TRUSTED: It is a reliable reference point for sourcing local business and finding information.
PRICE: Low overheads are passed onto SME’s making the magazine truly affordable.
FORMAT: The magazine is at least 25% editorial, all of which is strategically placed.
This means that My Local View is picked up and read – so your advert will get noticed.
READERS: My Local View is proud to be local and readers are actively encouraged to get involved in the magazine – we welcome submissions from our readers and rarely turn down local stories.
DISTRIBUTION: 11,000+ letterboxes across key areas of Caerphilly plus our online edition.
You’ll find advertising in the magazine a doddle.

‘Accommodating’ is Local View’s middle name, with all multiple advertisements available on a pay monthly basis, credit cards welcome and all community groups and charities entitled to a 20% discount.

If the personal touch is your cup of tea, then you’ll be glad to know that Paul Adamson is the only full-time employee. There’s no need to deal with commission based sales reps or call-centres in outer Mongolia, it’s just one-to-one and because My Local View Magazine is Paul’s creation, he wants the best for it, and for you.